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Full Class Curriculum

Fundamentals of
FileMaker Security

Prerequisite: Working knowledge of FileMaker Pro 10.

Security is a primary concern for both developers and end-users of databases: it governs whether a user can open a given database and determines what functions and data are accessible to users once they do open it.

In this course, we'll cover the fundamentals of properly securing your FileMaker Pro databases.

Topics include:

Overview of Accounts, Privilege Sets and Extended Privileges

Understanding the difference between Accounts and Privileges


  • Using the default Accounts: Admin and Guest
  • Creating a new user Account
  • Assigning a Privilege Set to an Account
  • Editing a user Account
  • Assigning passwords
  • How passwords work
  • Allowing users to change their own password
  • Logging in to a FileMaker database
  • Activating and inactivating user Accounts

Privilege Sets

  • Default Privilege Sets
  • Creating a new custom Privilege Set
  • Duplicating a Privilege Set
  • Modifying a Privilege Set
  • Assigning custom Record Privileges
  • Assigning custom Layout Privileges
  • Assigning custom Value List Privileges
  • Assigning custom Script Privileges

Extended Privileges

  • Understanding Extended Privileges
  • Predefined default Extended Privileges
  • Creating custom Extended Privileges
  • Assigning Extended Privileges to Privilege Sets
  • Using Extended Privileges in scripts

Other Topics

  • External authentication vs. FileMaker authentication
  • The importance of authentication order
  • Understanding the "Run script with full access privileges" option
  • Restricting network access to a file
  • Restricted sharing via Instant Web publishing
  • File-list filtering in FileMaker Server
  • Understanding how FileMaker Server uses data encryption
  • The importance of restricting physical access to your files
  • Multi-file security


2 hours


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