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CD-ROM Training for FileMaker Pro 7, 8, 8.5 and 9

Presented by Jerry Robin, Katherine Russell and Geoff Coffey
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From the company that has consistently offered the world's best hands-on FileMaker training comes a highly acclaimed set of FileMaker Pro CD-ROM training videos.

The FileMaker Pro 7 series (Volumes 1-8, over 18 hours total) takes you from the basics of using FileMaker to techniques for building complex databases. The examples are presented in FileMaker 7, but the techniques you'll learn are fully applicable to FileMaker 8 and 9. The presenter, Jerry Robin, is a FileMaker Authorized Trainer and a FileMaker Certified Developer.

FileMaker 8 New Features: This two-volume set (Volumes 9-10, over 4 hours total) covers New Features in FileMaker Pro 8 and FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced. (FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced replaces FileMaker Developer.) The CDs are for developers already experienced in using FileMaker 7, and are recommended as a supplement to the 8-volume FileMaker 7 series. These volumes are presented by FileMaker Certified Developer Katherine Russell. The curriculum was developed by Jerry Robin and Katherine Russell.

FileMaker 8.5 New Features: This CD (Volume 11, over 3 hours) covers New Features in FileMaker Pro 8.5, with a focus on the Web Viewer and Object Names. This volume is for developers already experienced in using FileMaker 7 or 8, and is recommended as a supplement to the 10-volumes of FileMaker 7 and 8 training. This volume is presented by FileMaker 8 Certified Developer Geoff Coffey.

The FileMaker Pro 9 series (Volumes 1-4, over 11 hours total) will teach you the essentials for building a world-class database that benefits from advanced development and customization tools in FileMaker 9. The latest version of FileMaker Pro includes new Scripting Tools, Conditional Formatting and an enhanced Web Viewer in addition to many more great features. Fully functional database exercises are included. This series is presented by FileMaker Certified Developer Geoff Coffey.

Which series do you need?
If you are using FileMaker 7, 8 or 8.5, we recommend the FileMaker Pro 7 series, plus the New Features volume(s) that correspond to your current version. Note that we do not have a volume that covers just the new features of FileMaker 9. New features are discussed in the 4-volume FileMaker Pro 9 series as an integral part of the training content.

Due to the significant amount of time that we spend in the FileMaker 7/8/8.5 CDs (over 25 hours total) we are able to cover more topics in more depth than in the 11.5-hour FileMaker 9 CDs. So, depending on how in-depth you want to get, even FileMaker 9 users can benefit from the FileMaker 7/8/8.5 CDs. (Since each version of FileMaker since FileMaker 7 has added new features without changing the fundamental structure, everything you learn about the earlier versions is fully applicable to the newer versions.)

The FileMaker 7 CDs are $39* per volume or $299* for the 8-volume set.
The New Features CDs are $39* per volume.

The FileMaker 9 CDs are $39* per volume or $156* for the 4-volume set.

(* plus shipping and handling.)

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"Your CD training series on FileMaker Pro 7 is FANTASTIC! The instruction is very clear. It is a joy to have such informative and practical training without the geek verbage. I'm now barreling through creating databases - and they work!" - Guy Brown, G. H. Brown Communications

"The FileMaker Pro 7 training CDs represent the best software training I've ever received on any program. I've attended live classes on Flash, Excel, Access, Visual Basic and others; I've self-studied dozens of software tutorials and manuals; and your FileMaker training CDs are superior to anything else I have experienced...Best money I've ever spent, other than the FileMaker software itself." - John Eiseman, St. Louis

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